Box By Industry

  • Candle Boxes

    Self-care and self-reflection requires a moment of with oneself and calmness, that is where the people are moving these days. The candles in such hustle allows them to take a break from the monotonous routine and diffuses them into aesthetics. Hence it is pretty obvious that with the increasing trend the demand of a delicate product like the candles has increased. However, in a similar manner the burden on the packaging industry is increasing. Thus, in this boom, companies like Custom Boxes Wholesale stand out with their premium services of the custom candle packaging. We provide the ultimate range of customizations with new inbuilt features that make your custom candle boxes appealing.

    Moreover, we ornament your product with the stylish and fascinating add-ons and improve its texture with the printings. we never remain second to facilitate you in a manner. Thus, we provide shipping all over the world at reasonable rates.

  • Cone Sleeves

    Who is there on the earth existing to not liking the ice-cream? Definitely, there won’t be any of the being. People have the craze of enjoying this creamy delight as they come in many flavors that fulfill the vessels of the connoisseurs. However, the discomfort the people commonly face during the consumption of such desserts is the difficulty in consumption especially when it is in the form of a cone. To cope up with this problem the Custom Boxes Wholesale has come up with an appreciable solution that is of the cone sleeves.

    The cone sleeves packaging create ease while eating and improves the handgrip of the product. We customize them in various styles and designs. To make it more charming, we get on some iconic add-ons and tempting printings on them. Due to the nature of the product the packaging material and manufacturing styles are quite different from the ordinary ones. We keep the material flexible yet durable. Also, we provide free shipping facility all over the USA.

  • Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

    Certainly, everyone loves the joy of soothing colorful bath bombs. The bath bombs have places somehow in every home and salon. It is pretty obvious that there are multiple of the brands selling them. However, only a few of them have remained successful in making a path to the consumer’s heart with fine packaging and quality. To make your products alluring and captivating, we tailor extremely fines and neat bath bomb boxes.

    Besides, we embellish the bath bomb packaging with multiple add-ons and fancy graphics that enhances its visual display by two-fold. Furthermore, the Custom Boxes Wholesale is the only leading brand in the market that has the fastest turnaround time of the 6 days with free shipping in the USA region. Our customer services are also all-time at your services. Hence, you are free to share our packaging ideas with us at any time without any additional charges

  • Mailer Boxes

    There is no doubt that transporting the product has been a huge issue. No matter how much convenient the technology has made for us yet the problem remains there. Therefore, to keep your product safe from any sort of external bumps the packaging industry has come up with the custom mailer boxes that are not only safe but presentable. We manufacture the mailer boxes out of extreme delicacy and care.

    These boxes serve your purpose, fully whether it is a corporate level shipping or the gifts you might be interested in giving your dear ones. The ultimate customizations in the packing is according to your likes and event theme. We offer the variability in the packaging material, manufacturing techniques, graphics and printing. Moreover, we embellish your boxes with several fascinating add-ons. Also. Our customer services are always there to assist you in the best possible manner and we provide free shipping all across the USA.

  • Soap Boxes

    Making profits out of ordinary merchandise appears impossible. Right? It’s pretty true. Every different seller is going through this trouble nowadays. It is because the range of fancy product is quite larger in the marketplace than within the past. It appears to create trouble for plenty of firms. However, in case you are amongst individuals who are searching out ways to increase their product range with charming designs you then are lucky to find the Custom Boxes Wholesale.

    We will offer you with the complete guide on a way to design the soap boxes your way. Moreover, you have got the utmost freedom to personalize the cleaning soap packaging your way. What we’re here for is to offer you with the high-quality of the packaging material to the sprinkle of fascinating add-ons and custom printing. All of these makes your product charming.  Besides our customer care services is reachable 24/7 and we provide free shipping all over the USA.

  • Vape Boxes

    The hazardous effect of cigarettes has diverted the attention of the people from ordinary cigarettes to modern vape pens. They are classy, trendier and easier to carry. The flavor they add to the life of the people make it more popular than ever. Although the vape pen boxes are quite accessible in the market yet the consumers always looks for a different and attractive product. The Custom Boxes Wholesale is one of the leading packaging firm that has never remained second to fulfil the connoisseur of aesthetic and remarkable craftmanship. We not only manufacture the custom vape boxes but provide state of the art craftsmanship to our clients.

    You have the ultimate right and liberty to choose the design of your boxes yourself. The material, printing, manufacturing is all up to your preferences. Moreover, our online customer services is all time available hence you may avail free shipping in the USA along with other perks.