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We serve our customers the best ever custom cosmetic boxes with strong material and fascinating printing processes. However, we provide a million designs of custom boxes for your cosmetic products, and you can also customize it in every way you want, including sizes and shapes. At Custom Wholesale Boxes, we paint the custom cosmetic boxes that speak for itself.

Because of our top-notch printing processes and mind-blowing color schemes, the packaging looks top of the world. You can order custom cosmetic boxes for wholesale as well. For wholesales, we offer various types of discount rates and coupon services.

Moreover, the use of our perforation techniques and inserts will boost your cosmetic products in the market place. Custom Wholesale Boxes cares about your products; that’s why we provide coatings that attract the customers from the other corner of the market.

Styles of Custom Boxes for Cosmetics:

We have different types of custom box styles with addons and coatings. Mostly, women are the main customers that refer the cosmetic products. That’s why we have introduced our products in a more fashionable way.

At Custom Wholesale Boxes, we provide unique and stylish designs of custom cosmetic boxes depending upon the nature of your products. Therefore, some of the custom cosmetic boxes are as follows:

  • Cream Boxes
  • Baby Lotion Boxes
  • Mascara Boxes
  • Beard Oil Boxes
  • Perfume Boxes
  • Lipstick Boxes
  • Foundation Boxes
  • Concealer Boxes
  • Beard Oil Boxes
  • Eye Shade Boxes
  • Hair Spray Boxes
  • Scrub Boxes
  • Shower Gel Boxes
  • Spa Product Boxes

And many more…

Printing Processes On Cosmetic Boxes Shimmer’s Your Products:

The printing process is our trump card, and we always maintain the quality of the products. We understand how it is important to print the custom boxes for productivity reasons and vice Versa. That’s why we indulge our clients with our unique and attractive printing process, which are:

  • Digital Printing Process
  • Offset Printing Process
  • Screen Printing
  • Flexography
  • Vinyl Banners

Top-Notch Digital Printing Processes:

In today’s world, digital box printing is the top priority of the customers, so we have adopted all of the digital printing process styles for our customers. We also prefer the digital printing process because it helps in printing the required images and logo referred by customers.

Moreover, we provide offset, and flexography printing processes, all of these processes depends upon the choice of the customers. All of our printing processes are perfectly stable for your custom cosmetic boxes. However, we differ these processes on the basis of their price rates.

However, related to all printing processes, we also provide screen printing. This type of printing is unique but mostly used for bulk, and for wholesale orders, we do not use this printing type for custom cosmetic boxes. Or else, we are also ready for every type of printing process to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Custom Wholesale Boxes Printing Color Schemes:

Our services provide two types of color schemes which are:

  • CMYK Printing Process
  • PMS Printing Process

CMYK and PMS Printing:

For wholesale custom cosmetic boxes, we recommend CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) printing process. Because it will cost you less in bulk orders, and it is reliable as well.

Moreover, PMS (Pantone Matching System/Universal Color Matching System) is a digital color scheme method providing a million shades of a single color. This process is reliable as well for custom printed cosmetic boxes as well. Because of its multiple shades, your custom boxes will look more ravishing than ever.

Our Luxury Cosmetic Boxes:

For your new cosmetic products and their packaging for presentation purposes, we provide you luxurious premium cosmetic boxes, so your product can make a huge impact on the audience, which will directly present a great impression on the customers as well. However, you can order our premium packaging for any type of cosmetic products, including different sizes and shapes.

In addition, for custom premium packaging boxes, we mostly used rigid boxes, its if you will demand for other box types, we will make them as well. However, for the representation of new cosmetic products, we personally recommend you the most luxurious custom rigid cosmetic boxes.

Types of Cosmetic Boxes by Printing Packaging:

Our company contains a million types of box styles to create a great impression on your products as well as on the customers in the field. Meanwhile, the commonly used custom printed cosmetic boxes and custom cosmetic packaging boxes are:

  • Tuck End Cosmetic Boxes
    • Front Tuck End Boxes
    • Reverse Tuck End Boxes
    • Auto-lock Tuck End Boxes
    • 123 Bottom Auto-lock Tuck End Boxes
    • Sealed Tuck End Boxes
  • Sleeve Cosmetic Boxes
  • Two-Piece Cosmetic Boxes
  • Subscription Cosmetic Boxes
  • Pillow Cosmetic Boxes

Tuck End Boxes:

Our tuck end boxes are the most commonly used type of custom cosmetic boxes. Because it is easy to open and contain no-shape edges, which makes it a friendly box. However, just mentioned above, our services do not end in some specific category.

We have introduced sub-categories of tuck end boxes; these sub-categories are also user-friendly also separates your boxes from competitors.

Sleeve Boxes:

Our sleeve boxes are the most stylish cosmetic boxes because it contains perforation of various cosmetic products, for instance, set of lipsticks, makeup brushes collection, colorful nail polish collection, etc. The sweetest thing about these boxes that they “Say Hello” to you when slide from one side. Moreover, we also provide sleeve covers for non-printing boxes, and on these custom sleeve covers, we mention your company name and your logo. This approach helps in the marketing process of your company as well.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Our two-piece box is a luxurious box, and it helps your expensive and non-sturdy cosmetic products tucked in nice and easily. With the use of foam and perforation, your cosmetic product is saved from any type of physical damage. However, we provide a lid on the surface of the perforated sheet, which helps in the rising and recessing of the lid easily.

Subscription Boxes:

Our subscription boxes can contain multiple items in a single box. We provide these boxes for the whole packing of specific cosmetic products, just like collection of eye shadow, blush on, highlighter, face powder, make up brushes, etc.

Moreover, to make the subscription boxes more enriching new add the magnetic opening and closing feature that simultaneously closed the box while covering it up. This protects your makeup in the case when accidentally, your makeup box falls from the table, then this box is instantly closed and saves your products from getting ruined.

Pillow Boxes:

Pillow boxes are one of the cutest boxes in the industry today. Mostly we manufacture pillow boxes for gift purposes. The manufacturing techniques of Custom Wholesale Boxes are marvelous because custom pillow boxes mostly used for cosmetics.

Overall, our services provide multiple types of shimmering addons on it to make your gift experience better.

Stylish Coating/Finishing For Your Cosmetic Boxes:

We provide three types of foiling techniques that make your printed cosmetic boxes more satisfying and attractive. Our customized foiling is:

  • Gloss Coating
  • Satin Coating
  • Matte Coating

Firstly, gloss coating gives a shiny and shimmery look to the boxes. If you want to spend some money and provide a high-end look for the boxes, gloss coating is the best option. Moreover, most of the people attract the shimmery and glittery boxes while standing at some distance.

Secondly, matte coating gives a dense and dusky look to the boxes. People who does not like any shine on the boxes can choose this coating. Besides, a matte coating is mostly in use for premium boxes. As well as, it helps in preventing your boxes from any stain as you can easily remove any mark over the matte surface.

Thirdly, satin is a hallway between matte and gloss. It gives a slight shine to the box and maintains the matte look as well.

Make Your Cosmetic Boxes Attract In The Market By Custom Wholesale Boxes:

To make your wholesale custom printing cosmetic boxes more beautiful and attractive, we recommend our addons. Custom Wholesale Boxes provides a bunch of stylish add-ons that will make the customer attract to themselves. However, the list of PRINTINGPACKGING addons are:

  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Custom die-cut
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Custom PVC Sheet
  • Embossing and Debossing

Custom Wholesale Boxes Customer Sampling Services:

In addition, to all of our services, we never start the production before making our customers fully self-assured about their orders. Because before starting the designs of custom boxes, we send our customer’s a 2D flat view sample which can clarify their idea for the packaging with fully measured angles which is given us by the customer.

However, if the customer didn’t get satisfied with the 2D flat view, then we provide him/her with a 3D mock-up that helps the customers able to see each and every corner of the box’s design, including with a video package moreover, if the customer didn’t get satisfied yet and wanted to check the box physical to make his/her products balanced. Then, we also ship the customer a physical sample just in case.

You can have your brand’s name, brand’s logo, and any other customized details you prefer on our Cosmetic Boxes. To enhance its exterior so that it catches the customer’s eye. This is why our custom designing team assures that the customers can get their message in the most state-of-the-art style. Here at Custom Wholesale Boxes, we make sure that our packaging material is extremely cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. It depicts our ideology to our customers in the most compelling way.

The benefits of our Custom Cosmetic Boxes are quite prominent, and we know our customers want durable and reliable packaging material that can encase their product securely and look attractive at the same time. Therefore, our cosmetic boxes are made of Cardstock, Kraft, and Corrugated material as they offer the most dependable effectiveness.

Customer Care Services:

We at Custom Wholesale Boxes, we want our customers to feel comfortable. If you want innovative cosmetic packaging solutions, our 24/7 customer service is always on their feet to serve you in every which way.

We make sure that our customers never feel pressurized from any way to make their choices, which is why they can customize their own designs in 3D and 2D styles. We provide you services with financial feasibility, along with a customer-friendly experience.

For our retail customers, your brand image is our primary focus, which is why we want your product to outshine competitors in the most glorious custom packaging ever in the market or for promotion purposes.