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Food is essential for our lives that why its packaging is the most important thing. However, we are here to make these packaging awesome for you. However, food can be a difficult thing to pack, and you need to ensure that you are receiving high-quality materials and superb designs.

There are a million types of food categories, and for them, there are a billion types of food categories that make sure that the food remains fresh and useful. Most probably, food has to stay dry in their custom packaging boxes because, according to the weather, the food’s gets all humidified, and to save your food, we provide a vinyl coating on the boxes, which makes the custom food boxes waterproof. Moreover, we have a variety of custom food packaging boxes that reserves your food for a long time.

Types Of Food Boxes:

Custom Wholesale Boxes is here to make the best food packaging for wholesale and food retailer boxes. All our custom food boxes are customizable, including different sizes and shapes.

For instance, breakfast cereal boxes, cake boxes, chocolate boxes, noodle boxes, soup boxes, frozen pizza boxes, hot pizza boxes, sugar boxes, pasta boxes, oat flakes boxes, corn flakes boxes, frozen cake boxes, spring rolls packaging boxes, burger boxes, hotdog boxes, rice packaging boxes, muffin boxes, bread packaging boxes, brownie packaging boxes, chocolate cereal boxes, waffles boxes, baking soda boxes, macaron boxes, ice-cream boxes, green tea boxes, coffee boxes, gable fast food boxes, wine boxes, champagne gift boxes, donut boxes, gable cake boxes, custom olive oil boxes, frozen nuggets boxes, popcorn boxes, mushroom boxes, etc.

We ensure that our company can provide you all of this food and beverages easily. Moreover, we provide different styles of boxes, such as:

  • Tuck End Food Boxes
  • Sleeve Food Boxes
  • Two-Piece Food Boxes
  • Gable Food Boxes
  • Paper Packaging
  • Mailer Boxes

For the cereals, noodles, pasta, etc. boxes, we provide sealed tuck end boxes. Basically, sealed tuck end boxes are a type of tuck end boxes, the seal end of these boxes protects the edibles from germs, dust, and physical activities.

Secondly, sleeve boxes mostly used for bakery goods. For instance, donut, pastries, cream puffs, etc. relating to sleeve boxes, the custom two-piece food boxes also falls in the same category, two-piece boxes used for bakery goods, chocolates, macarons, pasta, muffins, etc.

Furthermore, our gable boxes are specifically designed for edibles. For instance, you can pack freshly cooked hot wings in custom gable boxes for dinner. Moreover, gable boxes are also designed for wine bottles. Gable boxes give a dazzling look to the wine bottles, and easy to open as well.

In addition, our paper packaging keeps the foods fresh, and with the use of grease substance, we use inside our paper packaging so that your food never sticks with the paper. The materials we provide are sturdy in nature and comfortability.

The last one is the custom mailer food boxes, our custom mailer boxes used for pizza delivery. Your pizza will be reserved in our corrugated mailer boxes, and the customers can enjoy their food.

Creative and Innovative designs for Food Packaging:

Designs of food packaging are Custom Wholesale Boxes number one priority. Because the uniqueness of these box designs will help your company to make a better profitable response from the customers. Furthermore, we own some professionals with Hi-Tech graphic skills, which helps you professionally throughout the selection process of custom boxes. Moreover, our experts will gain full responsibility and dared to fulfill the requirements.

Custom Wholesale Boxes plays its cards through different strategies. For instance:

  • 3D Mock-Up
  • Physical Sampling
  • Graphical Representation

Our global strategy is if you will like to see your product’s packaging style. Then we, refer you its graphical representation via email, fax, etc. including the flap sizes in different measurement units.

Our second approach is more worthy because we also provide its 3D Mock-Up through which you can rotate around your custom box and can see the bottom, sideways, top, edges, etc. This technique will easily help you show your boxes from every angle possible.

The last one is Physical sampling. If the customers are not satisfied with the first two approaches, then we ship a physical sample to them. That physical appearance helps in satisfying the boxes for your products.

Production of Custom Food Boxes:

Now, we will elaborate on you that why PRINTINGPACKAING is on the top of the custom box’s chain. Our production department has Custom Printed Food Boxes that will make your products glow all over the market. Our production department has a variety of custom box types and printing methods.

Custom Printed Food Boxes:

Custom Wholesale Boxes has revolutionized the printing processes for custom printed food packaging boxes. You can compensate for different printing approaches that will make your products salable in the section of food items in supermarkets.

We have a variety of digital printing processes, such as CMYK printing processes, which is a preferable option for custom food boxes for Wholesale. This process will cost lesser than with bulk orders, which will indeed benefit you in your saving and vice versa.

We also provide discounts and different offers which are suitable for your needs. Our offers are customized according to the need of our customers.

However, the other printing process is a digital printing process, which includes the Pantone Matching System, which contains a million color shades, and will definitely increase your productivity because of a million shade of food boxes for instance, on cereals the picture of your favorite cartoon character will engage the kids to buy their favorite superhero cereals for breakfast, which will also help customers to buy breakfast cereals in their favorite colored boxes. Moreover, our PMS printing also provides shades of grey and black, which assist the color-blind people too.

Decorated Food and Beverage Boxes:

Custom Wholesale Boxes provides decorated edible Boxes with various types of addons that will make your product’s packaging top of the world. Since we are dealing with the food industry for so long. We have introduced many marketing strategies for custom boxes for edibles. That’s why our products have been successful.

Moreover, we can customize the boxes through die-cuts with colorful foiling, including PVC sheets. Similarly, we coat two different types of layers/coating, which are gloss and matte, we call them finishing. Gloss and Matte finishing are used on cardstock cereal, baking powder, pasta, frozen food boxes.

In addition, we have also introduced holographic foiling on for your products. This type of foiling is coated on gloss finishing, which gives shades of Rainbow colors, which looks so satisfying indeed.

Professional Food Department by PRINTINGPACKAGING:

Just like we have elaborated our services above. PRINTINGPACKAGING has a team of well-trained people and experts who deals with you with soft-spoken way.

Other than that, we have experienced graphic designers that will help you in shaping your imaginary display food boxes on the paper. With the skilled professional workers who fulfill your requirements at any cost with the help of heavy machinery and delivery services, making Custom Wholesale Boxes will be your number one choice.

You can order us via Email, Calling, and from the easiest way that is from over here. We also accept orders in bulk that will turn you on the discount’s direction. If you are ordering custom food display boxes for wholesale, you will get multiple discount offers, which we will promise you on the compensation too. The best thing is that it will cause you with low-budget and cost-effectiveness.

Overall, our helpline is open 24/7, including our live services. Our services will be in touch with you till our last box delivery and further guide you for more advancement, plus we will also wait for your feedback as well.