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Self-care and self-reflection requires a moment of with oneself and calmness, that is where the people are moving these days. The candles in such hustle allows them to take a break from the monotonous routine and diffuses them into aesthetics. Hence it is pretty obvious that with the increasing trend the demand of a delicate product like the candles has increased. However, in a similar manner the burden on the packaging industry is increasing. Thus, in this boom, companies like Custom Boxes Wholesale stand out with their premium services of the custom candle packaging. We provide the ultimate range of customizations with new inbuilt features that make your custom candle boxes appealing.

Moreover, we ornament your product with the stylish and fascinating add-ons and improve its texture with the printings. we never remain second to facilitate you in a manner. Thus, we provide shipping all over the world at reasonable rates.

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Custom Candle Boxes wholesale | Custom Candle Packaging

Over the years the Custom Boxes Wholesale has made a remarkable name in the industry with its tremendous facilities and the state of the art craftsmanship. The clients look upon us for the custom candle packaging that is not only unique but has the market competitive element in them. Our goal is to not only manufacture the custom candle boxes rather make it appreciable in the consumer market. For this, our entire team is involved in the box designing from the professional designers to local labour. However, what we offer our clients includes all of the following details:

  • Durability of the products to prevent brand loss:

No doubt whatever we do the chance of product damage of the delicate products like candle always remains there. But that doesn’t stop us from serving our clients with the best. We manufacture the boxes from the supreme quality of the cardboard and cardstock material. Both of these two are the most reliable packaging material that keeps your products long-lasting and prevent it from any damage. Thus it is pretty obvious that the strong packaging will retain your brand image and won’t lead to brand loss.

Consumers always pick that product which is well-trimmed and well-organized. No one will ever pick a product that is damaged even though that would be a corner. Moreover, none of us can deny the increasing global warming and climatic disasters and the role of packaging in that. Hence, to promote safe packaging measures we also manufacture the eco-friendly boxes. Such boxes are consumers most likely products as they take the responsibility of protecting the environment themselves and this is a good way in which they can do that.

What else we recommend? Surely, the businessman is looking for opportunities to expand sales overseas. Thus, in this regard, you might be needing sturdy packaging. Therefore, we use the type A, B, C, E and F of corrugated material that is thicker and flexible to protect the candles. You may also easily products over long distances.

  • We help you in designing the boxes of your choice!

The moment you join hands with the Custom Boxes Wholesale be sure of one thing that the clients have every right to design the wholesale candle boxes. Definitely our creative designers are always there for you and design highly distinguishable boxes. Thinking out of the box gives you an edge in such a competitive market where there are multiple retailers of the candles.

Thus to make your products more consumer appealing we design the boxes into multiple shapes such as:

  1. 2 piece candle boxes
  2. Sleeves candle boxes.
  3. Tuck end candle boxes.
  4. Custom mailer candle boxes.

Furthermore, the boxes are customizable with the additional locking tabs and foots just in case to improve the display of the product. However, the tuck end boxes includes various templates including the straight, reverse and auto-lock bottom tuck end boxes.

  • Attractive and eye-catchy candle boxes:

Graphics has a lot of effect on the sales of any product. Consumer love to buy products with fancy packaging. You might be wondering what colors would have to do with the purchase of any product. Here the color psychology jumps in and pushes us subcommunity to pick the one that gives us the joy of speciality. These all are the marketing techniques and what we can do is to coat the custom candle boxes using the CMYK, PMS and RGB color model.

You can get a slogan or quotation on your custom printed candle boxes that will help your buyers to ink themselves with the product. Emotional attachment is what our purpose is to build with the buyers so that they keep on buying your product again and again instead of brand switching. All of our product are either digitally printed or with the offset printing technique.

We also offer flexography for the engraving of the text. Importantly the offset printing is much more expensive than the digital printing but the overall printing cost reduces if the amount of the boxes is greater. Furthermore, it is always better to have the animations that relates to your product on the packaging so that the consumer gets the idea of the product instantly as they enter the retail shop.

  • What else you can get here?

The boxes look unattractive with the chunk of any sparky thing on it. Therefore, we make your logo attractive and eye-catchy by embossing it or debossing them. We provide multiple shades of foiling as well. Although it is totally up to you either to get it fully covered or just a small patch of your choice on the box.

Besides this, we offer a gloss and matte coating. The gloss one adds a shiny look to the layout of the boxes and make it glittery. Whereas, the matte polish makes the surface of the product dimmer and dull. The spot UV is another way to make your text or logo bulging that gains consumer’s attention at once.

What is always a better idea to engage consumers is to have a window patch on the box. This gives them a peek into the product and get them to know what they are purchasing. You may cover that patch with a PVC sheet to keep the candles safe from dirt and damage.

  • 24/7 Customer Services:

Do you have any idea regarding your custom packaging? Ping at our given number or email us at to share your idea with our customer representatives. Our services are available 24/7 and our rates are affordable. Moreover, we provide 3D mockup video or physical sampling beforehand to omit your concerns regarding the quality of the product. What else are you looking for? Place your first order of candle boxes wholesale now and get amazing discounts.