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There is no doubt that transporting the product has been a huge issue. No matter how much convenient the technology has made for us yet the problem remains there. Therefore, to keep your product safe from any sort of external bumps the packaging industry has come up with the custom mailer boxes that are not only safe but presentable. We manufacture the mailer boxes out of extreme delicacy and care.

These boxes serve your purpose, fully whether it is a corporate level shipping or the gifts you might be interested in giving your dear ones. The ultimate customizations in the packing is according to your likes and event theme. We offer the variability in the packaging material, manufacturing techniques, graphics and printing. Moreover, we embellish your boxes with several fascinating add-ons. Also. Our customer services are always there to assist you in the best possible manner and we provide free shipping all across the USA.

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Custom Mailer Boxes | Wholesale Mailer packaging

  • Boxes that keep your precious items safe:

As the name itself sounds the mailer packaging is specifically designed to store and transport the products over the distances. Hence we manufacture the with either the cardstock or cardboard of 14-22pt. This range of composition is not only robust but flexible also that make it easier to customize by further amendments. Moreover, this is not an expensive material hence your budget won’t be disturbed.

Besides this, we manufacture the custom mailer boxes made up of eco-friendly Kraft. Such boxes are highly soluble in the earth and do not leave harmful traces in the surroundings. They are even less cheap as they are recyclable and can be reused. Furthermore, it is a good way to attract potential buyers as people are more into purchasing environmentally friendly products. Thus among the pool of other products your products will gage their attention at once.

Similarly, the corrugated material is used in the manufacturing of these boxes that is itself famous for its sturdiness. It is a highly stalwart material that composes of two linerboards along with a fluted layer in between that increase its flexibility. It usually comes in five different categories form type A that is the thickest one to type F that is obviously the thinnest.

  • Contemporary detailing and customizations:

It is not as if you will get a standardize box rather you have the choice to customize it in all dimensions and sizes. Furthermore, you get the flexibility to bring changes in them with the locking tabs and all necessary tabs. We can personalize every mailer box according to your requirement and liking.

Moreover, the cost of the flat view boxes is always lesser but don’t worry they are easy to fix with the help of the die-lines. Whereas in the glued boxes you get the facility of fixation but the shipping cost is comparatively higher that disturbs the budget overall. Hence we will encourage you to take this decision wisely keeping the pros and cons into consideration as customer’s comfort is our topmost priority.

  • Embellish your custom mailer boxes with the stunning add-ons:

Here’s a way to leave a good impact on your receiver by making the boxes more striking and captivating. You can cover the entire box or a specific patch on it with the shimmery foiling of any color. Gold and silver is more preferable for the gift mailer packaging. It will give them a more festive look.

Besides you can emboss or deboss a small message or text on it that resonates with the event or the product. Nowadays the mailer boxes are mostly used for PR purposes as well. Hence you can coat your brand logo with the spot UV on it. With the spot UV, only the logo will pop up whereas the entire surface will remain smooth and alike.

Moreover, we provide gloss and matte coating for the final finishing. The gloss coating makes your product luminous and shiny from distance. Whereas, the matte finishing gives it a non-luminous outlook and makes it subtle and smooth in appearance.

  • Get on some colors to make your products lively:

Bare and dull product fails to fascinate people. Hence, making them dramatic with colors is always a good idea. We specialize in customizing the excellent packing containers within the market. Our coverage is tailoring the enormously fascinating custom mailer packaging which might be according to marketplace requirements. Thus, our photograph designers create fantastic patterns and styles that align with the product. This is simply to engage greater clients by way of communicating the product thoughts.

It isn’t always a compulsion that you need to go together with our layout. In any case, if you have any pictures regarding your container, you are free to percentage it with us. Moreover, let us tell you that we have several printing strategies together with the offset, digital, and flexography. The digital printing gives totally the greatest animation-based printing.

Similarly, the offset printing is cheaper only when it comes to the custom boxes wholesale. It is due to the greater amount of the boxes that the overall cost is reduced. Also, we have a huge coloration variety because of CMYK, RGB and PMS printing. Importantly all of our colors are cruelty-free and 100% natural as we support ethical practices. In the CMYK color model, every color is made from the four basic colors whereas the PMS includes a broader spectrum of shades.

  • Make your enterprise grow with us!

Help yourself via trusting the most diagnosed packaging company with your wholesale mailer packaging. We are making the containers of top-class fine at affordable quotes. For the design approval, we ship a mockup video, flat 2-D view or physical pattern beforehand. Keeping your finances into consideration we deliver free of fee within the USA.

However, we additionally ship remote places at minimum costs. Our turnaround time is of 6-7 business days. Do not waste your precious time and email us now at to share your idea of mailer boxes wholesale with our representatives. You may get the bumper discounts on your first order as well.